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Bishop Fernandes Announces New Assignments

This week Bishop Fernandes will be announcing the new assignments for priests beginning July 9, 2024. For our Knox Consortium this will bring some changes. Our Parochial Vicar Father Brandimarti has been assigned to St. Timothy Church as their Parochial Administrator. He will still return to us at St. Luke and St. Vincent de Paul in May until July 9th. Father is very excited about his new position while being sad to leave all of you.

On another note, Father Matthew Morris will be joining us here in Mount Vernon and Danville as our new Parochial Vicar. Father Brandimarti knew Father Morris in Seminary and speaks very highly of him.  A video will be released this weekend on Flocknote and our website from Father Brandimarti regarding this change.

Please continue to pray for all of the priests in the Columbus Diocese as we adjust to the assignments that Bishop Fernandes has put in place.



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