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Becoming Catholic


2023 Easter Mass // Newest Catholics

The Order of Christian Initiation of Adults (OCIA)


The Order of Christian Initiation of Adults (OCIA) is the process through which interested adults discern if God is calling them to become Catholic, and if so, they receive the Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation). Click on the following link to learn more about the Catholic faith:

What does it mean to be Catholic?

To be Catholic means to be pursuing a life fully alive in Christ. This means pursuing Jesus in personal prayer and especially in the sacraments,  building community in the Church, placing your whole life at the disposal of Jesus, and striving to live a life of holiness, as laid out for us by Jesus in the Scriptures and Holy Tradition. 

How do I become Catholic?

We’re so excited to have the opportunity to accompany you through this journey! Please complete the OCIA Initial Interview form to begin the process. 

How long does it take to become Catholic?

This depends on each person. Most people invest at least a year – it takes a long time to learn what it means to be Catholic, as well as to wrestle with questions and build relationships within the Church. But there is no set timetable and no rush. Some people take one year, others take three or even many more! What matters is that you are walking in lockstep with God – He will reveal the right timing for you.

What if I'm already Catholic but missing some Sacraments?

OCIA is for you also! Please email us so we can discuss your specific next steps for becoming fully initiated as a Catholic.

The Role of a Sponsor

A sponsor has a privileged opportunity to walk side by side with those who are discerning and preparing to join the Catholic Church. The sponsor’s (or godparent’s) role is primarily to:

  • witness their own faith to their designated candidate (or catechumen) by modeling the Christian life;

  • assist them at the weekly sessions and help them get acquainted with Catholic life and practices;

  • invest time in them and meet 2/mo outside of the weekly sessions for coffee/tea/smoothie and see how their life is going;

  • pray for them and accompany them on certain Sundays for special Rites including the Easter Vigil;

  • give testimony of their candidate’s (or catechumen’s) readiness to be received into the Church.

To be a sponsor (or godparent) one needs to be a practicing Catholic in good standing with the Church and have already received the sacrament of Confirmation.


OCIA Interview Form

Please take a moment to fill out the form.

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Are you baptized?
Do you have someone in mind to be your sponsor?
How would you describe your interest in the Roman Catholic faith at this time?(Required)
Current Marital Status
Do you have children?
Are you currently affiliated with any church or congregation?(Required)
Have you participated in another Christian tradition at some time in the past?(Required)

Thanks for submitting!

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