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Good News! Parish Name

We have important and good news to share. As you know, with direction from Bishop Fernandes, we are in the process of merging St. Luke Church and St. Vincent de Paul Church to become one Parish. This is part of a larger plan for the Columbus Diocese to be even more prepared to be here for all our Catholic Family and Parishioners as far as the eye can see.

It’s important for you all to know that St. Luke Church and St. Vincent de Paul Church will continue to be known by their current names. We do need a new name for the unified Parish that will result from this merger.

You might remember – about a month ago – we announced our search for a new unified parish name and invited all to share their ideas. Thank you so much – we were overwhelmed by the great number of thoughtful submissions. In fact – 110 were proposed to the committee.

Father Hammond recently proposed to Bishop Fernandes one of those suggestions recommended to him by the team leading this work – and Bishop has approved our new Parish name.

As of July 1, St. Luke Church and St. Vincent de Paul Church will both be part of St. John the Baptist Parish. This new Parish name is meaningful in many ways – especially since the French Missionary Priest responsible for both churches being built nearly 200 years ago was Father Jean Baptise Lamy. Also – as we work even more closely together to grow in faith hope and love – St. John the Baptist – Patron Saint of Conversion – will be a powerful intercessor on our behalf.

Thanks to all who submitted their ideas – in the weeks ahead we will keep you informed about the upcoming merger – and as always feel free to share your questions and thoughts along the way. We ask you all to keep us in your prayers as we work towards a future where we magnify even more brightly the light of Christ for all of Knox County and beyond.



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